Stakeholders meet Joint Action in Brussels

On the 25th February 2015 a Stakeholders Meeting of the Joint Action on Mental Health and Well-Being (JAMHWB) was held in Brussels. The meeting aimed at sharing with relevant stakeholders of Europe the work developed thus far in each thematic Work Package (WP) and discuss the collaboration of stakeholders in the next steps of the JAMHWB. Around 46 participants attended the meeting including representatives from 40 institutions of European organisations, NGO’s interested in mental health and wellbeing, professional, users and families associations, and other EU projects related with mental health issues.

JM Caldas de Almeida, coordinator of the JAMHWB, opened the meeting presenting a brief overview of the JAMHWB. Jürgen Scheftlein, from DG Sante, presented the current situation of mental health in Europe, discussed the challenges for the future, and summarised the main activities developed by the European Commission to promote mental health policies in Europe. The situation analysis and recommendations for action from the five thematic WPs were then presented by György Purebl and Ionela Petrea (WP 4), JM Caldas de Almeida (WP 5), Gregor Breucker (WP 6), Lorenzo Rampazzo (WP 7), and Kristian Wahlbeck and Johannes Parkkonen (WP 8), followed by participants’ comments and discussion on the issues. In the last part of the meeting several participants stressed the high level of the discussion that had taken place and the importance of promoting a wide participation of all stakeholders in the dissemination and implementation of the JA recommendations. All organisations offered to actively participate in the future work of the JA. The importance of feedback given by the stakeholders on the situation analysis and recommendations presented was underlined, and an important “take home” message was to make clear how to go from a framework for action to the implementation of the recommendations.